Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome,10mm Fans!

As a service to those interested in the "10mm
Automatic",The 41 Magnum Society presents
this special web-page showing the various fire-
arms that chamber this cartridge...Please note
that Smith & Wesson also produced a semi-
automatic pistol known as the "Model 1006"...
It was nearly identical in appearance to their
"4500 Series" handguns...The "Model 610"
and "310" are the only 10mm's in their product
line..."610 1st issue" revolvers were equipped
with non-fluted cylinders,unlike the models that
are made today...Refer to the S&W website for
more information...Also,there are many articles
that address the 10mm on the internet...Good
luck with your search and thanks for visiting!
Maynard F. Magnum,Esq.